Equi-Theme/Equit’m Unisex 400114 Sweet Itch Sheet, Brown, 4’9-Inch/145 cm


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Equi-Thème Eczema Rug
Horses and ponies sometimes suffer from sweet itch (summer eczema) during the summer months. Summer eczema is in most cases caused by the Culicoides mosquitos. The horse might have an allergic reaction to the sting of the mosquito and the saliva it injects. This can result in extreme itches, redness around the bite and swelling on the skin.
An eczema blanket might offer a solution in these situations. This blanket protects your horse against these mosquitos. The Equi-Thème Eczema rug is made from 100% supple polyester. This rug offers your horse protection from even the smallest of insects, from neck to tail. The fabric transports sweat out of the rug and only allows a limited amount of UV-rays in, so that the sensitive skin of the animal is protected. The rug can be closed easily around the neck and hind legs and has a belly flap which covers the entire belly. The rug is elasticised and adjustable, so you it can easily be made to fit the physique of your horse. This makes it more comfortable to wear.
Prevention is very important in case of summer eczema. An eczema rug might offer a solution. It is recommended to start using the blanket before the mosquito season starts and to leave it on for 24 hours, except when riding your horse.
The sizes in the table below are only an indication. Also consider the physique of horse or pony when determining the right size.

What size does my horse need?

Length from chest to hindquarters
Wither height

145 cm
122 – 127 cm

160 cm
137 – 142 cm

175 cm
147 – 157 cm

183 cm
157 – 162 cm

190 cm
162 – 167 cm

198 cm…


  • Small P.V.C box with clear lid
  • Contains all the junior rider’s grooming equipment for ponies. Equipment: – 1 removable shelf- 1 body brush with P.V.C
  • back- 1 glittered rubber curry comb- 1 P.V.C