Arcadia ADBH Bird Cage Compact Lamp Holder


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Safely and securely attaches to your Parrots cage s othey can truely benefit from a UV bulb.
Simply screw on the special bracket, add the light and you`re ready to go! Having your bird lamp in close proximity to your bird`s cage ensures they can really benefit from the UVA and UVB. The lamp (sold separately) provides your bird with the full benefit of UV light.

Providing the correct levels of UVB allows your bird to synthesise vitamin D3 in their skin, or through a special process involving the preening gland. Vitamin D3 is essential for proper calcium metabolism. This is necessary for normal growth, maintenance of strong bones and egg production.

Birds have specialised retinas that enable them to see UVA, helping them to recognise mates, locate food, and identify different species. Without UVA, birds are deprived of the full colour spectrum they see in nature and are colour blind. Unlock their world and let your bird see it in full colour!

UVA is essential for the psychological health of your bird. Using lighting that emits UVA can also help to curb feather picking and other destructive behaviours.

Please Note: Made to be used with the Arcadia Compact Fluorescent Bird Lamp (Screw Fitting). The unique holder helps keep the lead away from the cage but please exercise caution as with all electrical products.


  • Specifically for use with compact bird lamp
  • Focuses all lamp output into the cage
  • Maximises benefit of the lamp
  • Computer designed for optimum performance
  • Protects user from glare