API Aquarium Start Up Pack Water Conditioner


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The API Aquarium Start up pack combines API Stress Coat and API Quick Start to get your aquarium off to the best possible start.
Start Up Your Aquarium In Just 2 Easy Steps:
1) Dose With API Stress Coat – 10ml per 38LMakes tap water safe with the healing power of Aloe Vera which is scientifically proven to reduce fish stress and heal damaged tissue.
2) Dose With API Quick Start – 10ml per 38LAllows the instant addition of fish to a new freshwater or saltwater aquarium as it immediately starts the natural aquarium cycle.
Use Stress Coat and Quick Start together whenever changing water or adding new fish.


  • Contains one API Aquarium Start Up pack Water Conditioner 37 ml bottle 2-pack
  • Makes tap water safe for fish and reduces fish stress
  • Starts aquarium cycle and allows instant addition of fish
  • Comes with two API products, Stress Coat and Quick Start for a healthy start-up aquarium
  • Use when starting a new aquarium, changing water, or adding fish add Stress Coat first and then Quick Start