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Vetoquinol Care Milkocat – 200g

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Milkocat is a milk substitute from Vetoquinol Care, which has been specifically formulated for kittens. It has been designed to resemble mother’s milk and is supplemented with various vitamins (A, B, C, D and E) and minerals (iron, copper and zinc) in order to promote a healthy growth in kittens.

Milkocat can serve as a substitute food for motherless kittens or as a food supplement for animals with a low milk supply.

Replacement mother’s milk for kittens; food supplement for lactating females.

Mix 1 part powder with 2 parts warm water or use the supplied bottle. Always make sure that the milk is at body temperature. Average kittens drink 23 ml per 100g of body weight. From 4 weeks begin to wean kittens onto solid food.

To administer the daily amount, follow the guidelines on the packaging.

Milkocat should be administered regularly throughout the day. Kittens can drink spontaneously from their third week of life.

1 can of 200 grams, 1 bottle and 2 teats.

Milk and milk products, eggs and egg products, minerals. 28.6% crude protein, 25.8% crude fat, 13.1% crude fibre, crude ash 5.5%, moisture 2.6%.

Shelf life
2 years in a cool but frost-free environment. Keep cool after opening.
Preservation of prepared milk: make small quantities for each administration. After preparation, the milk must be used quickly and kept in the refrigerator.


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