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Vétoquinol Care Enisyl-F – 100ml

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Feline Herpes Virose type 1 (FHV-1)
97% of cats contract FHV-1, and 80% remain primary carriers following the first infection. Kittens can easily be infected by their mothers. The infection is most often transmitted via saliva or nasal and eye fluids. Typical symptoms of FHV-1 include sneezing, conjunctivitis of the eye (chronic), ocular or nasal discharge and possibly corneal injury such as recurrent corneal ulcers. Helping your cat to build up resistance to infection may reduce the severity of the symptoms. For more information on cat flu and FHV-1, please read the following articles written by our veterinarian: Cat Flu Information.

Enisyl-F contains the essential amino acid L-Lysine. People and animals cannot produce L-Lysine for themselves, so it should ideally be included in their diet. L-Lysine is one of the essential amino-acids and has many useful effects. It can help to increase resistance to infection. Proven effects of Enisyl-F include fewer clinical symptoms, reduced viral excretion, less frequent relapse in carriers of FHV-1.

Enisyl-F comes in a handy pump dispenser. One pump is equal to 1ml.
Advised dosage
Recommended duration

Acute symptoms
Kitten: 1 ml, twice daily | Adult cat: 2 ml, twice daily
Administer from first symptoms until 2 weeks after recovery.

Chronic FHV 1
Kitten: 1 ml, twice daily | Adult cat: 2 ml, twice daily
Continue treatment permanently

As a preventive treatment during periods of stress
Kitten: 1 ml, twice daily | Adult cat: 2 ml, twice daily
Use for 2 weeks before and continue until 2 weeks after the stress period



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