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Scratch & Newton Guinea Pig Den Hutch Hugger Cover

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The innovative Hutch Hugger from Scratch Newton is perfect for keeping small pets warm throughout the winter and protecting them from bad weather.

The weatherproof and waterproof Hutch Hugger is easy to fit over the hutch. Simply tighten the straps and the Hutch Hugger is secured. The front of the Hutch Hugger folds up to make easy access for cleaning, without the need to remove the Hugger.

The Hutch Hugger will not only be beneficial for your pet’s comfort and health, but will help to prolong the life of the hutch, protecting it from wind and rain etc.

Guinea Pig Den Hutch Hugger – Designed to fit the Guinea Pig Den Hutch.

Size: 123 x 44.5 x 43cm (L x W x H)

Helps protect your pets from wind and rain
Size: 123cm long X 44cm Deep x 43cm Tall. Please ensure you measure your hutch before ordering. Please call us if you need advice
Rabbit hutch cover is extremely easy to fit, simply place it over the hutch, adjust the straps, Job done Colour as picture
No need to remove the cover for cleaning, simply roll up the front screen


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