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Lucky Reptile SZ-66 Snake Tongs, 66 cm

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Lucky Reptile Snake Handling Tongs are high quality snake handling tools. One end of the Lucky Reptile Snake Tong has a trigger handle for good human grip and the other end is bent round to allow easy gripping of the snake.

Using a tong instead of a hand around snakes body can be less stressful for the snake and they can be kept at a safe distance. Handling with a tong can be less scary for the handler, meaning a less stressful experience for you both.

The Lucky Reptile Snake Handling tongs are a must for aggressive and poisonous snakes and are always handy to have for if a hands on handling session goes wrong. A snake which is normally of a pleasant nature but has just been injured may become more aggressive, these tongs are also suitable for gentle handling in these cases. They also minimise human/snake contact which minimises bacteria transmission between the two.


  • 66cm Snake Tongs

Suitable For:

  • Handling pet snakes
  • Handling dangerous snakes
  • Handling poisonous snakes

High quality snake handling tools
Must for aggressive and poisonous snakes
With pistol grip
Can be used to secure the snake safely
Also available in a foldable version


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