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Farm Food No.1 – 1.5kg

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Farm Food No.1
Farm Food No.1 is a complete milk feed based on whole goat’s milk for newborn puppies, kittens and other small mammals. This milk has been specially developed for puppies and kittens that do not get enough milk from their mothers. It is also highly suitable to supplement feeding or for large litters, for example when the mother animal does not have enough milk. Farm Food No.1 is also a valuable addition to the diet of sick or convalescent animals.

Farm Food No.1 mainly contains whole goat’s milk powder and is supplemented with various other ingredients to arrive at a complete puppy and kitten milk. Whole goat’s milk naturally has a better composition for young animals than cow’s milk. It is easier to digest, has many factors that stimulate and protect the bowel and is nearly the same as actual mother’s milk in many way, both in its amino acid pattern and in its fatty acid pattern.

Key features
Is complete
Based on whole goat’s milk
Contains the right amino acid proportion for small mammals
Has a pleasant flavour
Is easily digestible
Is gentle on the gastrointestinal system
Promotes a healthy bowel movement
Does not contain any allergens
Is very easy to dissolve
Does not clump

Suitable for
Farm Food No.1 is suitable for puppies and kittens, but also for other, smaller mammals, including hedgehogs, rabbits, rats, hares, ferrets, foals, bats, mice, chinchillas and goats.


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