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DoubleBlack Cat Flap Cat Door

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DoubleBlack 4-Way Locking Cat Flap
A manual lock can be turned to four different positions. In-only lets pets into the house and will not let them back out. Out-only will allow them out but not back in. Set the lock to open and pets have free access in and out. Locked stops all traffic through the door.
Easy to install
1.Measure the distance from the ground to the pet’s belly and make that measurement from the ground up, onto the door – this makes sure that the cutting template is positioned correctly and that the pet door is the right height for the pet.
2. Using the cutting template as a guide, use a drill and jigsaw to cut the hole in the door (except for glass fitting in which instance you should consult a glazier).
3. Make sure the locking mechanism on the pet door is on the right side of the house (inside or outside) and use the screws provided to secure into place.
4-Way Locking Cat Door: open, locked, in-only and out-only
Easy to install, simple to operate
Suitable for cats and small dogs
Approximate Outer Size: 24*23.5*5.5 cm, Approximate Inner Size: 19.5*17 cm


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