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Dengie Alfa A Original 20Kg – Horse Feed

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Dengie Alfa A Original is the highly digestible fibre feed for working horses and ponies providing approximately 10MJ/kg of slow-release energy. On a kg for kg basis, Dengie Alfa A Original provides the same energy levels as a pasture or cool mix/cube.
Dengie Alfa A Original can be fed on its own or it can be combined with cubes or a mix for those horses with a higher energy requirement. If you are feeding Alfa-A Original as the sole feed, use a broad-spectrum vitamin and mineral supplement, such as one of the Dengie Natural Vitality Vits Mins or alternatively a feed balancer such as Dengie Alfa-A or Hi-Fi Balancer.
The alfalfa in Dengie Alfa A Original is dried at a very high temperature to reduce the risk of mould. Efficient extraction processes ensure Dengie Alfa A Original has a low dust content to promote a healthy respiratory system.
Typical analysis (%) ˜as fed
Protein 14
Oil 2.5
Fibre 27
Ash (mineral) 10
Digestible Energy 10 MJ/kg
Ingredients: Alfalfa, Molasses.

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