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Cat Pet Shirt XXXS Red

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Open ended for easy fitting and removal
Comfortable and hygienic
Can be washed up to 30 degree

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How do I put a Medical Pet Shirt on my cat?
The Medical Pet Shirt has a larger opening at the back below the tail(cats can use the litter tray without removing the shirt) and a narrower hole for the head. It is comfortable, hygienic and machine washable at 30 degrees. For cats with short legs, put the head through first, then insert the legs into the relevant openings one by one. Pull the Medical Pet Shirt down towards the tail as far as it will go. The two ends of the ventral side can be affixed using the press studs between the hind legs and below the fabric on the cat? back. Make sure the tail has enough room for ease of movement.

The Medical Pet Shirt is ideal for use after surgery (sterilisation) and for incontinence. The Medical Pet Shirt can reduce stress, anxiety and uncertainty after surgery compared to a collar that can often obstruct the cat’s view. The cat is not or hardly able to reach the wound. Because the Medical Pet Shirt is not tight around the belly, the wound is sufficiently aired, and should remain dry. The Medical Pet Shirt is light blue inside the belly, so any seepage from the wound is visible. A panty liner can be applied inside the shirt, or between the double layer at the abdomen. During anaesthesia cats are often shaved before surgery, and body temperature is lowered. The Medical Pet Shirt will keep the cat warm after surgery. The Medical Pet Shirt is a tool, not a treatment. In case of skin conditions, these must be treated with suitable medication. The Medical Pet Shirt can then be used to offer extra protection.

What size and colour does my cat need?
Measure your cat from collar to tail to get an accurate idea of how big a shirt it will need. It is better to be slightly snug rather than too loose. If the cat is incontinent, you should choose the blue variant because the red one has an opening to allow for urination.

Open ended for easy fitting and removal
Comfortable and hygienic
Can be washed up to 30 degree
Reduces stress, fear and uncertainly after an operation compared to a standard collar
Prevents your cat touching the wound easily

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