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Bird Perch,YOYOUNG Natural Hardwood Branches for Parrot Cages


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Packing: 1pc wooden perch.
Size:Thickness about 0.78″ to 1″.Small – length 7.87″ around,Large – length 9.84″ around.
Notice:Since the perch was natural wood,it will be different bending between the images.
The textured surface and irregular shape is easy for your bird to grip, and it exercises they legs and feet and strengthens muscles.
Heavy-duty bolts on the ends ensure a secure, sturdy attachment.
An ideal place designed for your friends to play and climb, easy install in the cage.
Thickness about 0.78″ to 1″.Small size length 7.87″ around,Large size length 9.84″ around;
Natural vine that is loaded with uneven surfaces that help challenge and exercise your bird’s feet and legs;
Bird perch that securely attaches to cage with a built-in bolt and wing nut,Easily attaches to any cages;
Since our perches are natural wood, none are the same and may vary between them;
Nature Wood Perch is the perfect decoration in order to make your bird feel right at home.

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