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BiOrb Classic 30L Aquarium in Black with MCR LED Lighting & Black Stand

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Included with the BiOrb 30 Litre Aquarium:

  • MCR LED Lighting:

  • The BiOrb 30 Litre Aquarium features a Multi Colour Remote Controlled LED light unit which allows you to elegantly illuminate your aquarium both during the day and night, whilst also being extremely energy efficient. Featuring 16 pre-set RGB colours which can be changed remotely, along with the brightness of the light too.

  • Air Pump with Air Stone
  • The Air Pump with Air Stone provides your aquarium with plenty of aeration, helping to create an Oxygen rich environment for your beloved fish.

  • Filtration Unit
  • The Filtration Unit uses ceramic media (included) to provide biological filtration for your aquarium, making cleaning and general maintenance a lot easier. Simply replace the cartridge every 6 weeks and replace a third of the water in the aquarium every two weeks.

  • Water Conditioner
  • To help you get started, included in this aquarium setup is a water treatment sachet which boosts useful bacteria, aiding in kick starting your aquariums ecosystem to create the perfect environment for your fish.

  • Instructions Manual
  • An in-depth manual which will help you with every part of setting up and maintaining your aquarium.

  • Orb Aquarium Stand
  • The BiOrb Orb Aquarium Stand allows you to showcase your aquarium in style. Made out of solid wood with a water resistant surface, the Orb Stand makes a perfect addition to your home. The Orb Stand measures Height: 58.6cm x Width: 35cm and comes flat packed with instructions for easy home assembly.

    **Please Note** – Decoration is not included – Images are for illustration purposes only.

    Dimensions: – Ø =40cm x Height =42cm
    Volume – 30 Litres
    BiOrb Classic 30L Aquarium in Black
    MCR LED Lighting
    Complete with Filtration Unit
    Black BiOrb Orb Stand Included
    Height: 42cm x Width: 40cm


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