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(Aniwell) FiltaBac Antibacterial Sunblock for Animals 220g

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Widely available in Australia, the Aniwell FiltaBac range has developed a proven track record for animal skin protection, particularly for horses, and is used as a complete, protective antibacterial cream effectivley acting as a ‘totally natural second skin’ It has additional qualities as a sunblock cream to protect very sensitive skin areas.
FiltaBac provides a cover film that allows a wound to breath, just like real skin and will remain in place for up to 3 days.
Because FiltaBac prevents the growth or invasion of bacterial or spoiling antigens, it is often used for cuts and abrasions including saddle girth and rub in horses
Predominantly used for skin treatment in horses, cats and dogs, the products are specifically formulated to:
Protect skin and wounds from sunburn
Minimise skin reactions
Correct damaged skin
Protect irritated skin areas
Be used as a sunblock and for Sun protection
Provide antibacterial cover as a wound dressing
Provide wound protection without a cover dressing necessary
Antibacterial cream that acts as a sunblock
Allows wounds to breath, non-reactive
Won’t impede normal healing
Prevents the invasion of pathogens and contaminents
Suitable for cats, dogs and horses

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