Agile Pet Supplies Probiotics Extra + for Dogs and Cats with Icelandic Kelp, Multivitamins and a Natural Dewormer for Digestive health, Effective Diarrhea & Allergy Relief, Energy and Vitality, Thyroid support. 20 Billion CFU,s, Economical upto 160 Daily servings. UK company, Made in USA.

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If your pet is suffering with lack of energy or tummy problems our probiotic will give them the help they need. Probiotics Extra+ daily supplement powder: The #1 Natural Choice

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If your pet is suffering with lack of energy or tummy problems our probiotic will give them the help they need. Probiotics Extra+ daily supplement powder: The #1 Natural Choice For Cat And Dog Lovers

Widely recognised as the should have supplement by owners and vets, Probiotics are improving the lives of our pets, do your cat or dog a big favour today and hit that add to cart button now. Improving its quality of life is easy with Probiotics Extra +.

Probiotics Extra + delivers fast results in improving your pet’s energy and vitality, by offering full system beef up.

Supercharged Probiotic Formula With A 50/50 Mix Of Above Sea Coral Calcium & Diatomaceous Earth & Icelandic Kelp

Each scoop helps treat allergies that have made your pet miserable and with continued daily use they are going to have that spring and bounce back.

Containing the purest available ocean kelp, our product is a unique offering in market saturated with poorly formulated, underperforming probiotic supplements.

Harvested in the virgin environment of the Icelandic Fjords, Kelp (Green Algae) contains minerals, vitamins and beneficial phytonutrients important for healthy metabolic function, including digestion, skin and coat health, clearer eyes and immune response.

Rich in natural iodine, kelp supports optimal thyroid function for both dogs and cats, at the same time as boosting their system with its anti-inflammatory and anti-tumor properties.

Invisible, Powerful Every Day Aid

Effortlessly blend our probiotic powder in your pet’s food and help make a difference in its health and wellbeing.

Our natural probiotic contains NO artificial ingredients, by-products or chemicals such as maltodextrin (look it up)

Purchase This Vet Recommended Supplement Now And Become Your Pet’s Life Today!

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ADVANCED MULTI FUNCTIONAL PROBIOTIC SUPPORT for your pets digestive and immune system. Widely recognised now as the should have pet supplement to deal with digestive health and allergies. Our probiotic with multi vitamins and minerals contains 4 carefully selected pet probiotics with 20 BILLION CFU,s to deliver maximum benefit and keep their tummies in healthy balance.We use no fillers or grain maltodextrins like others do, only quality ingredients, we spend more to give you more.
• GIVE IT A TRY RISK FREE with a UK company – give our advanced NATURAL and ORGANIC formula a try and if after 4 weeks you do not see a happier and healthier cat or dog with more energy and vitality we will be able to gladly refund your purchase price, we take all the risk. We are confident your pet will thrive on our easy to use daily probiotic health supplement which is made in a GMP facility ensuring quality. Customers tell us how easy our formula is to use over tablet form, just sprinkle on their food.
• RELIEVES COMMON PET HEALTH PROBLEMS: This potent probiotic powder aids in relieving troubling digestive issues, such as flatulence, constipation, loose stools and diarrhea that lead to gut inflammation and yeast infections. Effective remedy to alleviate pet allergies that result in itchiness, scratching, excessive shedding and skin hot spots, at the same time as boosting your pet’s immune system and overall vitality, too. Additionally, it helps combat bad breath and litter box smells.
•UNIQUE FORMULATION WITH A NATURAL DEWORMER, ORGANIC CORAL CALCIUM & ICELANDIC KELP: Our probiotic powder provides all the essential minerals and vitamins for your pet to live a long and happy life and boost their vitality, immune system and joint function as well as pH balance. Diatomaceous earth is a protected natural and all-powerful dog and cat parasite and worm remover without the wish to use any chemicals!
• AMAZING VALUE PACK & 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE: Each jar contains up to 160 servings, almost 5 MONTHS SUPPLY for a small dog or cat and 80 servings for a large dog, which is WELL OVER 4 TIMES our competitors’ offerings. In the unlikely event our product does not meet or exceed your expectations you are entitled to a Full Refund of your purchase, no questions asked. Click Buy Now And Get The Best Probiotic Powder For Dogs & Cats On Amazon!. We don’t seem to be happy unless your pet is happy too.

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