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1kg Calcium Carbonate / Limestone Flour for Reptiles or Poultry

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Calcium Carbonate (also known as Limestone Flour) is used as an additive for garden composting and is also a neccessary supplement for reptiles especially shelled reptiles such as tortoises. This product is 100% natural calcium carbonate, no additives or impurities. Sold in a handy resealable bag as a mineral supplement the product will keep virtually indefinitely provided it is kept dry. The calcium comes as a ‘flour’ and its fine particles adhere well to both plant material, insects. The product can also be used for Poultry. Easily added to poultry feed it provides additional calcium essential in the formation of the egg shells produced by laying chickens. To use simply sprinkle over the vegetable matter or food stuffs prior to feeding the animal. This is a ‘pure’ additive so only a little is required.
Limestone Flour
Fine Powder
Great as a reptile supplement
Has a wide range of alternative uses, including making chalk paint

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