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Thundershirt Anxiety
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Insulated Norfolk
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We bring you a great range of rabbit hutches, rabbit runs and chicken coops, so your small animal can get the exercise they need to stay healthy and enjoy a comfy cage to settle down in afterwards! Take a look at our offerings, from large rabbit, runs multi-storey hutches, for space and comfort they deserve.

Pets Imperial® Dorchester
Chicken Coop Hen House

Bunny Business Double Decker
Rabbit/Guinea Pig Hutch


My Pet Superstore has a wide range of cat supplies to suit any cat; take a look at our selection or browse our other cat products to see everything on offer!

Blankets, Mats & Cusions

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My Pet Superstore has a wide range of dog supplies to suit any dog; take a look at our selection or browse our other dog products to see everything on offer!.

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Keeping your horse fit and healthy can be hard work, but it’s all part of an incredibly rewarding process. By taking care of them you’ll ensure they can remain active for years to come – and it’s a great excuse to spend a day in the paddock with them!

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Whether you’re keeping marine, tropical or cold water fish, My Pet Superstore has a great stock of equipment and accessories to choose from. From food and water conditioners to pumps and filters, we’ve got everything you need right here.


Fish Food

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